Poem By Dr Nousheen Zakaria

I am Karachi
I won’t back down
I won’t dwindle
and no my feet won’t stumble
You have tried
to bring me down
but my people have always seen…
‘a silver lining in every cloud!’
My lights will remain
my people won’t back out
my people won’t hate
You have tried to take our lights away
you have tried ….
to halt me
you have targeted me
you have murdered my innocent people
in the name of hate, minority, caste and religion!
But my people know
it is ‘you the enemy’
and you can never turn us against each other!
Every time you have killed someone on the street
do you know how much our hearts bleed
families have been torn apart but
are all united in grief!
and I won’t let you take the lights away from this city!
I am Karachi
I am strong
I am not going to let you target me no more!
I won’t take violenence – no more!
my people will stand for their fate
my people won’t let it happen ‘in their name’!
I am Karachi
the home to minorities
from every nook and corner of the country!
I will remain strong!
and I won’t back down!
By Dr. Nousheen Zakaria (June, 2016)


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