IAK Music Mentorship Program:

The Music Mentorship Program was developed to prepare aspiring singers from Karachi by providing them with free music education, which they would not have had access to because of lack of such institutions in Karachi. The six-month program aims to fully support the musical development of the youth, from various parts of Karachi, representing different genres like pop, rock, eastern classical, folk, fusion, jazz, and qawali. Towards the end of the program, a music album will be recorded with the twelve finalists who will also perform at the IAK Music Festival.

During the month of January, IAK launched its “call for musicians” through social media and its partners. The call received tremendous response with entries pouring in from the onset. For this purpose, IAK was invited by Geo TV and Hot FM 105 to discuss the mentorship program and eight colleges with a combined strength of over 10,000 students collaborated with IAK. These colleges are ICMAP, IQRA, Greenwich, Mohd Ali Jinnah University, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University and iACT (Habib University).The Karachi Arts Council additionally joined forces with the program by providing artists, volunteers, and other required support for the program. IAK got more than 300 entries across three categories; solo, band, and instrument. The deadline for the call for entries was February 08, 2017. The entries that were received during the talent hunt program were assessed by the IAK Music Program judges. After the shortlisting process, ninety participants were selected from a pool of more than 300 and performed in front of the panel of judges during the ongoing IAK Music Dialogue Series; Six Music Dialogues, a plethora of guests and judges and fifteen performances per dialogue.

The topics of the music dialogue were as follows:

  • Sounds of Karachi – The domestic music scenario and how it has evolved, if at all, through the passage of time
  • The Key of Life – What music is for the soul; an enriching experience that breaks barriers, brings people together and sets you free. Why music is important for your mental wellbeing and how it promotes peace.
  • Mera Gaana – How music is a source of inspiration and motivation for individuals on a personal level; a very effective means of expression.
  • Making Notes – Why musical education is lacking in Pakistan and how it is important for the youth.
  • Meri Meras – How people in Pakistan identify themselves with the local music, what it was in the past and how it has changed since the deaths of the likes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Is it better off or worse than before.
  • Rock ‘n’ Soul – The latest happenings in the music industry (local), the trends.

Out of the ninety participants who performed at these Music Dialogues, thirty two made it to the finals, which took place on 23rd March, 2017 at Atrium Mall.

The top twelve finalists have been selected for the music mentorship program.