General Post Office to Merewether Tower

Timing: 9 AM Onwards

From being the port city that stood as a commercial hub where people from various walks of religion, ethnicity and geographic sites migrated to, to the tattered picture of a city exhausted by time, violence and ignorance, Karachi today lies as a book terribly misunderstood by its cover. This is why I Am Karachi envisions taking the normal Karachite through a journey of the forgotten past and the ignored present that contextualizes what this city really stands for.

A journey that aims to replace fear with pride through making these public places accessible for the people of this city and hence bringing them out onto the streets engaging with the city they live in. As a result this would not only promote a sense of ownership but would also help to normalize the general sentiments attached to the specific areas that were previously clamped within a wave of violence and instability.

In addition to the above, I Am Karachi also hopes to raise funds and promote its outreach through this initiative.

Project Goals and Objectives

  • Spread awareness about the importance of various public spaces across the heart of this grand city.
  • We intend to revive existing public spaces by ensuring greater engagement of the people and normalizing the image of these key sites within the city.
  • To promote a feeling of greater ownership for this city’s cultural heritage
  • Using architecture as a form of art to add to the culture capital of the city


  • State Bank of Pakistan
  • Mere weather tower
  • State Bank museum & art gallery
  • Rustomji Building
  • Habib Bank plaza
  • State Life Building
  • Standard Chartered Building
  • Cotton Exchange Building
  • Standard Insurance House
  • MCB Tower
  • Karachi Chamber of Commerce Building
  • General Post Office