The IAK Talks started off as a movement to induce inspiration for the young and motivation for the intelligentsia of Karachi. Over the last year and a half, the IAK Talks have to come to represent so much more; the program is now a leading platform for the successful to come address this city’s future, students hungry for information but deprived by our broken systems.

In a nutshell, I AM KARACHI Talks is a program focused on building a platform where the nation’s most inspiring and successful thinkers speak to motivate. IAK Talks stems from the idea of TED Talks and aims to provide inspiration to everyday citizens through ideas and powerful success stories of icons. The purpose of these talks is to engage both the youth and the intelligentsia of the city, to create a platform that inspires one and all to work together for the betterment of Karachi.

The IAK Talks have been conducted thrice so far with a combined audience of over 1500 people. Each Talks has a different over-arching agenda.

IAK Talks 1.0 – Ordinary To Extraordinary:

The first ever Talks was hosted by IBA in what would become a great tradition, and was based on success stories of celebrities that were once like all of us. Shallum Xavier, Khaled Anam, Xenith Irfan, Dr. Aneela Darbar and Zeba Bakhtiar discussed their stories and how they rose to fame. Each talks program also has a Q&A session for the students and the exchange displayed the drive our youth possess. The purpose of this Talk, largely achieved due to the brilliant speakers, was to show the everyday man and/or woman that success and fame were by-products of hard work and dedication with real life examples.

IAK Talks 3.0 – Wonder Women:

The third edition for the IAK Talks was bigger than all before, with children lined up outside the auditorium, trying to listen in on the theme of the night; Wonder Women. Six women from different walks of life discussed their success stories and what it took as part of a predominantly patriarchal society. Khaula Jamil, Sarwat Gilani, Sanam Saeed, Nadia Hussain, Sima Kamil and Sultana Siddiqui discussed their journeys as professionals and their personal lives together. The purpose here was to inspire women and to showcase the levels of success that could be reached despite all limitations.

IAK Talks 2.0 - Standing Tall Against All Odds:

After the success of IAK Talks 1.0, we went back to IBA with the second edition, with the theme for the night based on perseverance. Adnan Malik, Imran Momina, Shaniera Akram and Deepak Perwani (Unfortunately, Zoe Viccaji couldn’t join at the last minute but still sent ahead a sweet video message) all regaled tales of the instances of adversity they had all faced in their lives and the determination it took to get them through those times. The audience members were shocked at the struggles of the speakers and how relatable those struggles really were.