The IAK Awards is an initiative that was specifically designed for one purpose; recognizing the unsung heroes of this great city, people who make sacrifices for the greater good. These champions of our society are largely ignored and the purpose of the IAK Awards is to make sure they get their due recognition.

It began in 2016 with six categories: Resilience, Ownership, Hope, Diversity, Inclusivity and Pride. The awards were given to individuals who stood out with their achievements. This group of people went above and beyond their own benefits to give back to the people of Karachi. The winners can be viewed in the IAK Awards 2016 tab and trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

The Second edition of the Awards, held in 2017, differed in one major way, the categories. The six categories that the awards are distributed on the basis of are hope, pride, ownership, diversity, inclusivity and resilience. In 2017, instead of the six categories, a revamped IAK added one more category for extraordinary services. In an inspired move, all the categories were renamed to echo the virtue they represent with Icons of this great city.

Ruth Pfau Award for Ownership, Jahangir Khan Award for Pride, Perween Rahman Award for Resilience, Sabeen Mahmud Award for Diversity, Ardeshir Cowasjee Award for Inclusivity, Bilquis Edhi Award for Hope and The IAK Edhi Award for Special Services. The categories were given these names to better reflect the traits that the Award winners embody and to honour heroes of this city and country!

With close to 1500 attendees and thousands of viewers, the IAK Awards has come back stronger than ever before in 2018. The major changes this year include the renaming of the Jahangir Khan Award For Pride, which is now the Jahangir Khan Award For Excellence. In addition to the existing seven categories, IAK have also launched the newest category, the Jameel Yusuf S.St Award For Peace (tentative).

The I AM KARACHI family grows stronger and bigger with each day, reaching more and more people. The categories increasing on a regular basis is not a sign of increasing viewership but an indicator of the good work that Karachiites are doing to help the citizens of this great city.