I Am Karachi Dialogue

This initiative focuses on the promotion of discussions on diverse and taboo issues faced by Karachiites. IAK Dialogues is designed to build tolerance and peace through a positive exchange of ideas in a civil and unbiased manner. Dialogues serve as a stepping stone in bringing social change within Karachi. One of the main purposes of conducting IAK Dialogues is to build tolerance and patience within the citizens of Karachi, allowing them to embrace diversity and differences of opinion. We believe in targeting each individual member of the society to celebrate freedom of speech through the IAK Dialogues platform. With over twenty dialogues in institutes like IBA, IU, SZABIST, ZU, BBSUL, Greenwich University, Karachi Grammar School, iACT, Arts Council and PACC, the IAK Dialogues Team has successfully managed to create a platform where students can come to discuss subjects that garner hostile reactions from the society at large.

Music Dialogues

In the lead up to the IAK Music Mentorship Program, IAK hosted 6 music dialogues, with a combined audience of around 2000 children, discussing topics ranging from music evolution and theory to the state of Pakistani music. The panelists, all relevant to the music industry shared their insights with the students who responded in keeping with the IAK Dialogue tradition. The exchange of ideas and the development of an understanding of the concept of discussion was most heartening. Panelists like Shallum Xavier, Khaled Anam, Alycia Dias, Sara Haider, Imran Momina, Ustad Hamid Ali Khan and other legends of the industry share their experiences with the young audience, answering questions that are not addressed everyday.

Dialogues Through Influencer

Dialogues through influencer is designed to promote discussion on various issues in Karachi. The main purpose is to promote freedom of speech and differences of opinion among individuals. Experts of the respective field/ domain gather to share their expert advices. The format of the program flows with 3-4 panelists with a moderator to steer the discussion. With a total of 10 dialogues with over 3000 thousand students in attendance, the influencer dialogues address societal subjects like freedom of expression, education, employment, cultural history and societies ailments. The greatest takeaway from these is the establishment of a safe space where people can readily engage without fear of persecution.

Dialogue Through Theater

This IAK Dialogue program is designed to convey messages of social issues faced by Karachi in an inclusive manner. The program aims to deliver messages through theatrical performances followed by a panel discussion on the issue at hand. This format is designed to increase engagement amongst the younger viewers.

Dialogue Through Radio

The one-of-its-kind Dialogue session is designed to promote freedom of speech through Radio IAK Dialogues through Radio will cater to the general public by gathering renowned TV celebrities, social activists and educationists who will share a “Love letter to Karachi”. The idea is to reinforce positivity and to bring their personal relationship of Karachi to a much more relatable level. The project aims to create spaces for artists to reclaim their love for Karachi. With the power to engage the maximum number of audience, IAK Dialogues through Radio also aims to enable artists/philanthropists to promote inter-community peace in Karachi. The aim here is to promote a better image of the unceasing river that is Karachi.


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