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Karachi, once called the city of lights had lost its glory in the quagmire of poor law and order and terrorist activities. The concerned citizens of Karachi always try their utmost to reclaim this space that is slowly and gradually lost due to certain political and social conditions. Now as law and order gets improved in the city so I Am Karachi presented the first ever I AM KARACHI Awards to honor the contribution of the city’s devoted and unrecognized heroes at Frere Hall on the occasion of the second official I AM Karachi Day on March 26th 2016.

Exclusively for residents of the city, I AM KARACHI awards recognise visionary individuals who have shown motivation, resilience, spirit, hope, pride and resolve.

 The award function presented a spell binding rock-symphonic version of the national anthem by Sounds of Kolachi featuring the talented youth of Karachi. Pop stars Sara Haider, Zoe Viccaji and traditional singers also showcased at the event.

I AM KARACHI President Jameel Yusuf described I AM KARACHI day as a “celebration of the success of city’s resilient spirit” and announced that the awards would be given out throughout the year.


Mr. Yousaf Jameel enjoying the successful event 


I AM KARACHI day ceremonies were hosted by Deepak Perwani and Atiya Khan who discussed the necessity of a diverse culture in a mega city like Karachi which is known for its diverse and pluristic culture worldwide and residents of Karachi take a well-deserved pride in it. Vice President of Society for I AM KARACHI Amin Hashwani announced the official launch of a city-wide I AM KARACHI sports festival that will begin next month. Graffiti is a new trend that gives a changed and positive look to city walls. Founding member Rumana Hussain announced the launch of ‘Walls of Peace’ where young artists cover hateful graffiti with their artistic creations to recapture public space.

The initiative has a lot of support from the citizens of Karachi as returning back to normal life is the dream of all and sundry. We all know that without the active participation of civil society, nothing can be overhauled. It not only a wish but the responsibility of citizens at large to show their support to such events. Academics, business leaders and celebrities attended the function to show their love to the city and those honored. Awards were distributed by notable figures including: Ronak Lakhani, Zubaida Mustafa, Talat Hussain, Ishrat Hussain and Fuzon.

Commissioner Karachi Asif Hyder Shah appraised the role and spirit of citizenship and said only if the citizens of Karachi will stand united, only then there is there hope for a prosperous Sindh and eventually a thriving Pakistan.

The celebration follows a ‘Karachi Matters Week’ drive to increase citizen participation as Partners of IAK and volunteer groups had conducted over thirty workshops, art projects, and social activities to encourage healthy dialogue for an integrated social outlook.

IAMKARACHIDAY is a festivity and a city-wide movement that inculcates hope, pride and ownership in the citizens of Karachi by regaining public spaces through sports, arts, culture and dialogues.

Here is the list of award winners in different categories.

i. Hope Award – Kaifi Khalil

ii. Ownership Award – Sohail Khan

iii. Inclusivity Award – Imran Ghanchi

iv. Resilience Award – Mahira

v. Diversity Award – Atif bin Arif 

vi. Pride Award – Sabina Khatri 


The event was immaculately managed and executed by Polaris with PR & Social Media by Mindmap Communications.

Photo Credits: Mindmap Communications

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